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Founded in 1999, CARFAT is a company dedicated to integrated electricity solutions company. Located in northern Portugal, near the city of Guimarães is one of the leading companies in the areas in which it operates.

The organizational structure of CARFAT consists of highly qualified human resources and modern and innovative technical equipment, allowing specialized knowledge, able to meet the demands of each job. Keeping up with the constant changes in the market, the company is proud to continue to offer its customers the best solutions for each project.

Between 2008 and 2013, CARFAT got the important recognition as a PME company leader and PME Excellence, the result of a rigorous and focused on innovation management.

In 2011 and 2013, CARFAT received by EDP Distribution certification to perform work in the areas in which it operates, giving credibility to the services offered to the customer.

The company is entered in the current INCI (National Institute of Construction and Real Estate) since 2000, with the construction permit No. 32680, 4th grade, Mechanical and Electrical Installations, with the following subcategories:

Electrical installations with low voltage use;
Electrical low voltage networks and transformer stations;
Networks and electrical outlets operational voltage up to 60 KV;
Installations for electricity production;
Telecommunications infrastructure;
Sprinkler systems, security and detection.

CARFAT has several partnerships with various clients. Construction companies, one of the important existing partnerships, have continually recognized CARFAT as an entity that focuses on quality of service, promoting good relationships between the various actors in the construction process.

These partnerships have been allowing specialization in some sectors of business such as:

The gas fuel supply and Auto centers;
Food stores and supermarkets;
Public and institutional works.

CARFAT’s mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers by presenting tailored solutions to the needs of each project.

The company works daily to remain a national company in the sector in which it operates, recognized for high standards of excellence and competitiveness in services.


Certification of Quality Management System EN ISO 9001:2008, obtained in 2011, came to meet the high standards of CARFAT and respond to market needs.

In the same year, 2011, CARFAT, was recognized by EDP Distribution as qualified to perform the construction work of connecting elements of the network facilities and electrical infrastructure that will integrate distribution networks contractor in charge of the promoters of works , for the classes of work:

Construction of BT underground lines;
BT Airlines Arrivals;
BT Groundwater arrivals;
Public Illumination.

Later, in 2013, EDP Distribution extended recognition to more classes of works, giving even more credibility to CARFAT’s services:

Tour Sectioning and Transformation;
MT Underground Lines.

The certification allows CARFAT to maintain an evaluation and qualification of customer services.

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